Jailhouse Blues Another colorful story with vocals by Ron Kronz, our sax player & musical director. Some incendiary guitar work ignites the tune with keyboardist Moe Daniels laying down some moody organ in the background. Ron, who also wrote the tune, sings it like he means it!

Slide Sample Here's Kevin slingin' some o'dat mississippi mud-slide on a fender strat. Not only is this in standard tuning, but his action is so high that small children have been known to get their heads stuck in the fretboard. 'Dis one goes to 11!

I Heard It Before Another original composition by Ron. Kellie kicks it off with some of the most fiery vocals you will hear on the music scene today! Cool thing about Ron's writing style, like all good writers he's tells you a story & he does it well.

Cissy Strut Had to include this. Walter Tates Jr. solo on the soprano saxo' is absolutely crushing. It starts out slow & builds to a Coltrane like crescendo. Nothin' junior 'bout the man...

I Don't Want No Woman

Mr. Wrong

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Bandleader, guitarist & vocalist Kevin Murphy as well as vocalist Kellie Rucker went into the studio with former member & producer Ron Kronz to record a CD. Listen now below!